Supporting the University

The American University of Myanmar (“AUM”) has been 3 years in development and is now poised to play an instrumental role in educating the people that Myanmar needs to take the country forward. Improving the quality of public universities is a high priority. The challenges are so great, however, that it is likely to take generations before any significant impact is realized. AUM is uniquely-positioned to fill the gap and educate the people needed to develop Myanmar to its potential.

Incorporated in Delaware on November 26, 2014 to establish, conduct, and maintain a non-profit and non-sectarian university for the benefit of the people of Myanmar, AUM’s vision is to be internationally recognized as Myanmar’s comprehensive research university known for the rigor of its academic programs grounded in the liberal arts, its respectful and open debate of well-reasoned ideas, its contributions to the improvement of the human condition and the advancement of Myanmar, and its knowledgeable, industrious, creative and ethically-minded alumni.

The American University of Myanmar is currently making preparations to apply to the Delaware Department of Education for degree-awarding authority. Once secured, it plans initially to offer Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Management degrees. In time, it will broaden its offerings to include a range of undergraduate and graduate academic and professional degree programs.

The US Internal Revenue Service has granted AUM tax exemption pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. US taxpayers can receive tax deductions for making contributions. AUM has received more than US$1.5 million to date in gifts, and has secured support from the Henry Luce Foundation (in the form of the placement of a Luce Scholar as Director of Admissions) and the Asia Foundation (in the form of books for our library).

The American University of Myanmar offers a vast array of giving opportunities. Although it redistributes one-third of tuition revenue for scholarships, the share number of prospective students in poverty creates a need that this practice cannot alone meet. The funding of need-based scholarships is a top priority. The recruitment of senior faculty to the university is important as they will help set its tone, provide academic leadership and serve as mentors to junior scholars and students. The endowment of some key positions would help attract to the university some of the senior scholars needed. There are also opportunities to support the building of facilities including academic and administrative buildings, lecture theaters, auditoriums, laboratories, the University library, athletic facilities, dormitories, and campus gardens. These are some of the highest priorities for giving that the American University of Myanmar offers.

A former student remarked that the potential impact of what we are doing is “epic.” The American University of Myanmar is benefiting Myanmar now and will continue to with your support. Please join us in making this dream a reality.

(This solicitation is not intended for residents of New York State.)



The American University of Myanmar is grateful to the following for their support:

Henry Luce Foundation

Asia Foundation

DFDL Myanmar

U Tin Maung Win & Family

Professor Craig Evan Klafter

RoseMary Safranek

Professor Nihal Perera