Vision & Mission

Vision Statement
To be internationally recognized as Myanmar’s comprehensive research university known for the rigor of its academic programs grounded in the liberal arts, its respectful and open debate of well-reasoned ideas, its contributions to the improvement of the human condition and the advancement of Myanmar, and its knowledgeable, industrious, creative and ethically-minded alumni.

Mission Statement
The American University of Myanmar educates students to live lives of consequence; supports faculty members to undertake original research and create knowledge; and mobilizes its faculty members, students, and staff to engage with the community to support the economic growth of Myanmar.

Our Core Commitments
The American University of Myanmar is a non-sectarian and non-political institution that values collegiality, civility, cultural sensitivity, social responsibility, integrity, self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

The American University of Myanmar is dedicated to the ideal of a university that has undergraduate teaching, based on and illuminated by rigorous and independent thinking and research-informed, evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning.

The American University of Myanmar is devoted to the view that ideas are of transcendent importance, and in the cultural and social importance of universities as places in which ideas are nurtured and refined and as vehicles by which they are transmitted to future generations.

The American University of Myanmar acknowledges the value of a university contributing to the economic development and societal advancement of Myanmar.

The American University of Myanmar seeks to maintain an academic climate in which its students learn the skills of critical thinking, civil deliberation, coalition-building, peaceful and fair conflict-management, and community-service to prepare them for their roles as Myanmar citizens.

Adopted 17 December 2014, by the Board of Trustees.