Academic Programs

The American liberal arts tradition that is the cornerstone of the University has been selected because it has roots in the classical educations of many civilizations both in the east and west.  It provides students with a foundation in influential texts of many civilizations including Myanmar civilization, an understanding of the major divisions of knowledge (the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences) and the means to further their own knowledge.  Once this liberal arts core is completed, students pursue further study in one or two of a variety of disciplines selected to enable the students to make contributions of consequence for the benefit of themselves, their families, and Myanmar.  In time, post-graduate study leading to masters and doctoral degrees will be added to ensure that Myanmar has people with the education necessary to assume leadership roles in the professions, business, and government service.

Prior to the start of degree-program instruction, the American University of Myanmar  is pleased to offer a American High School Equivalency Program to help Myanmar students achieve the qualifications needed and to prepare for university study, and a Study Abroad Program that allows foreign students to study in Myanmar.